Android Apps in Era of AI

How AI is changing the Android app landscape.

Android app ecosystem was once a simple and developer friendly ecosystem. Much has changed since then as Google had made it increasingly complex process for developers to create and upload their apps on the playstore. One of the reason for this is that now there are far too many apps on playstore. Too many apps means Google finds it hard to make sure each app and each update is of good quality and secure. One way to ensure this is to my making app upload process complex and hence weed out a lot of non serious developers.

But, with LLMs that can generate code, developing apps has become way easier than before. Today ChatGPT or Google Gemini can write a a lot of code for you that helps you develop powerful apps.

This means there is going to be an explosion in number of apps people are building and uploading on playstore. Google has sort of predicted this and made it harder to upload apps to playstore.


AI algorithms meticulously analyze user behavior, preferences, and usage patterns. This allows Android apps to tailor recommendations, content feeds, notifications, and even elements of the user interface to individual preferences. The result is a highly customized and dynamic experience.


Android app landscape is going to be secure because of AI. Google is already using AI to police apps and app behaviour. AI can help them detect apps that behave badly and stealing your data. This will lead to a better experience for all app users.

Ease of development

App development is going to be more accessible for developers and non developers. You can talk to ChatGPT and ask it to make an app for you. It is that easy. Which means a lot of people are going to make apps for their niche use case. This is a good outcome.

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